Monday, March 07, 2011

Flowy Skirts, Colour Blocks and Vegan Burgers!

If my absence is anything to be aware of, I'd like to apologise. However, life as we know it has left me ecstatic and full of duties to perform that are out-of reach from this fashionable utopia. Hence, I'll try to make this post a reason for compensation and compress culture, style and opinion with an unlikely twist of sarcasm. 

One of the , undoubtedly, hottest and most innovative trends that S/S 2011 can shower the fashion world with are modesty and edgy amounts of colour. Gone is the cloud of gray, and gone is the eyeliner overdose, a trend that has been , unarguably,  in the spotlight for far too long. A knock-out of fluorescent pink and long, slouchy, ankle-gazing skirts has been seen virtually everywhere - and the catwalk is the most vivid proof for this.

Michael Kors

Michael Kors


Prabal Gurung


Both trends work amazingly separate, but become food for thought when mixed together. Well,fear no more, because Jil Sanders has shown with impeccable imagination that these trends provide a canvas for each other like no other...

Amazed is only one way to put it. Consequently, this refreshing mix of edgy and comfortable has become a favourite of mine for the simplicity and perplexity it gives off.

On another, more ethical note, I am glad that awareness has been raised about the cruel conditions that the fashion world dictates to living organisms, in order to produce an expensive pair of shoes. I've always been opposed to such anti-humane options and I'm glad that some of the most influential fashion designers agree. Stella McCartney has captured the essence of the 70s in a pair of shoes that is composed of 0% cruelty.

Chic is the only word that can rightfully describe these morethanorgasmic creations.

I'm glad that this can be embraced without the fear of being called a sentimentalist. (Simple: Vegetarians and Vegans are not sentimentalists. As Jonathan Safran Foer very wisely put it, if two friends are "feeling" like eating a burger, one consumes one because he feels like it but the other one refrains because he remembers of his ethical values, the first one is and will always be the sentimentalist.) Fashion needs more hope, more artistic expresssion and more liberation, which means less slaughterhouses. Why do we turn our backs to revolutionary formulas that imitate the texture of leather and are far more economically savvy? This possesses no logic for me.

Last, but not least, the fasting season has just begun, (religious nonsense, but I will hopefully develop this in a different post) and Greeks are consuming no animal products or by-products (except for shrimps, which, apparently, are not biotic organisms to the Greeks for reasons that they can only logically develop..). This comes with advantages for the small vegetarian/vegan community. For instance, McDonald's has introduced its brand new McVeggie, which consists of a faux-pattie made out of soy and vegetables and a sesame-bun. Simply, delicious, and rather deprived of calories!

Hope I've tempted you enough in the stomach department...


The verdict? Cruelty is an idea hopefully abandoned and bright maxi skirts are bringing an air of optimism to the package. Let's hope they don't enhance self-mutilation scars. Share your opinion below.

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