Monday, February 14, 2011

Tommy Hilfiger Issue

There has been a rumour that is not such a rumour for the years I have been alive or at Least I get busy with fashion. Although now I had better spent my time on making a new review or designing a better template for the blog I do not and dedicate this time to the designer who has humiliated many races and ethnicities just because he thinks his is the bestest.

Once in a while I think that we need to clear some things out, although 99% he won’t even learn that there is a girl “attacking” to him, my readers, you people, get the chance to learn about these rumours.
Back in the time he had made some really racistic comments at Oprah’s Show. The first question you may have is : Well, why do you believe in them? Because , in my country (Greece, which I am really proud of whatever the economical, political situation is, the historical heritage is still alive to prove that Greeks are not just another part from this world) they say “There is not smoke without fire” So these rumours began from something Tommy has told, people are not crazy just to spread rumours.
... if I'd known African-Americans, Hispanics, Greeks, Jews and Asians would buy my clothes, I would not have made them so nice. I wish these people would NOT buy my clothes, as they are made for upper class white people.
Questions now :
How can he “separate” people in races? Are you Lord, Tommy?
How do you know that we buy your clothes and we like them? If you never existed , it would make no sense to us, we would buy from other designers who respect each different person for a special reason. If we , did not buy your clothes, you would be NOTHING but just a looser designer dressing up people according to their race.
Labelling is the worst you can do to yourself. I bet I can find a root in your biological “tree” from the races mentioned above. Because the “upper class white people” you refer to are just the mix of all the other races, having no identity, finding everything ready, and just trying to leave in a world, the people who do not deserve to wear your clothes made.
Who are you to say who the upper class white people are ? Without wanting to demote the people not mentioned above. Ancient Greeks who were the people who thought first of Democracy, a principle which is the main reason our world is together now, that we exist and we do not fight to get a slice of bread. We are people who demand thing that we deserve, not dubious creatures , listening everything that is ready, not editing in our minds , just having it as a rule is just silly and bad for YOU, sir. Have you ever wondered, that Life in this place called Earth is not a right only for the “Upper Class White People” but for all the people whose hearts beat, whose mind is able to think, whose life is organised by them and not another force. 
If you think I am disrespectful so far, I must say that I do not respect people who do not respect me. Veneration is won, it never just existed, when you were a baby no one talked to you like you were a child prodigy right?
Now talking for My Race, Greek. Greeks are people who have strong mind, this cannot be doubted, the way we use our mind might as well be doubted, no offence, but your UpperClassWhitePeople have not invented not at least the 1/5 the Greeks Only have .
I won’t mention to what the other ethnicities have done because there will be some inaccuracies.
How do you go to sleep in the night without guilts? The people that may have been hurt from what you said? Have you ever considered that? People with no heart are the ones who enjoy the life the least, sorry to tell you that.
I am done for now. What I have always wanted to say has been said with points, I made a healthy argumentation.
I just feel sorry for you, because you are so superficial that nothing will ever please you enough, true happiness is not found in clothes mr.tommy but it is in our hearts and in the people supporting and standing next to us whatever their ethnicity.

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