Monday, March 07, 2011

Four cities and four kinds of boys

cities from world
New York

They are all so much different. I think the boys are like these cities as well. 

SO the categories are: 
New York - the away- the not friendly ones - the mysterious guys
Paris - The romantic beautiful ones but when it comes to their beauty they can forget you easily
Athens - The ones who love the stronger the ones who love with all their power. They ones who would make you laugh
Tokyo - The ones who learn to love according to society's laws.

No these guys do not necessarily live in these countries.
  • Lets start from the New York guys. They are different and very attractive and could with only one look make you fall for them. They are mysterious and women love mysterious guys. If you have a relationship with them they don't always reply immediately at the calls. They do not tell you they love but when it comes to love they do love you secretly a lot but the dont show it. You would break up with this guy just because he will never have time to meet your family or your friends.
  • About Paris  ? The Parisians are the ones who are very beautiful but arrogant as well. They will first give you much love but when it comes to a modeling casting they will break up with you or tell you they have a job at Abu Dhabi and if you don't go, your problem. They tend to be gentlemen. 
  • Athens... Woaha Athens. The city I know the best. My city. They boys here pretend to be very wild and in fact they are very shy. But when they are in love they will cry for you, they will die for you. ANd they will kiss you in front of their friends just to show you are their girlfriend! You would break up with him either because of cheating or because you want quiet and love and not passion! They give everything from the first time and then you expect more but they don't have and routine is next!
  • Tokyo. The tokyo guys are the one who would fix your laptop without taking money, if the society allowed them! You may not go out with them after 00:00 because they would get punished by their family. But they would love after marriage more! Laws are over you, society is over you, family is over you. Can you stand being so slow?

    SO what I would like to say is that every man is different but some tend to behave the same way so we put them in categories. 

They cant put us in categories so thats why we are different! 

Like every town has its beauty the same way a man has his special beauty. Some are immigrants... Just try to find the appropriate for you!

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