Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Woman's Day

This day is dedicated to woman. Many people talk about woman’s weaknesses and they also support that men are really stronger and better than woman. The question is, how do they come into those conclusions?

A woman has different roles in our societies. Woman as a mother, wife, worker. A dynamic creature in other words, in Ancient Athens would be a person “imprisoned” in her house, cooking or supervising the slaves, taking care of herself and the children of the family. She would not go out, not join into symposiums with other men and join their conversations as well. Only hetaeras would benefit from men’s company. The city which created the absolute democracy which is dominated by people’s power behaved to women like children of an underrated god.  But woman is extremely important to our world.
She is mostly important because her roles consist of something unbelievably difficult. They have to combine everything and still behave perfectly and have no problems. The way men behave to women is one of the worst, if women did the same, men, being more sensitive, would suffer!

Woman in Puberty
Girls in puberty have to cope with many different changes in their bodies and not only. Period, getting a bigger breast, getting a wider and more feminine body can be nerve wracking. Low self confidence between girls caused mainly by boys and “enemies” is a common problem as well. Hormones are a big problem as well as the adolescent female could be moody in no time. Being teased at school for your appearance (bear in mind girls are far more fragile than boys) can be extremely sad, too. However, girls cope with all those problems and most of them walk with their heads up high, supporting their arguments and their thesis.

Woman in university
Women study far more than boys do so they are more successful in University. However, the parents in some countries would choose to pay fees for the sons of the family to study. Completely unfair isn’t it? However, women who make it to college usually have a normal college life. They have fun but study as well. Exceeding the limits is not always harmful. However, girls who get pregnant in this age, go through a really difficult time because their body is not fully grown yet and it will reproduce! The “fathers” at that age are extremely irresponsible and often women will have to take care of their babies alone with not an idea of the way to raise them. But most of the time, they make it, they raise a child in a decent way with no one’s advice.

Woman as a young adult
At this age women usually develop their careers.  Having finished university they go to job interviews. At this point is where they may face the inequality which unfortunately exists in our world.  Many employers would want a man as a president or manager simply because he won’t give birth in his life. Women will. A man is thought to be strong. Woman is weak. Those stereotypes have dominated our world, seriously. However women who would like to dedicate themselves to their families and maternity, in this age would leave their careers aside and think more seriously about finding a husband to start a family. Men do not need to worry about getting married earlier; they are more reluctant on that. But women think of maternity as something really important and being a mother is the most important role of themselves.

Woman in her 30s
Women in this age will mainly think of finding their soul mates.  This hunting is extremely difficult, women face many difficulties. Men’s tendency to behave to women like they are not like them is extremely annoying. This behaviour really shows men’s inferiority complex. They want to low all the others so they feel higher. Getting a family is very important for a woman, furthermore, women may quit on their jobs because of their desire to focus on their families. After giving birth, puerperal depression may make a woman suffer a lot. Being enclosed in a house only taking care of a baby and cleaning the house may make some women feel like they have not contact with the outside world. After when they go to work, they need to take care of their babies the same time. That’s why women are the biggest fighters outside.

Women in 40s
This age is considered for many women the best because they have already settled their careers and families. They now enjoy what they have enjoyed in all their lives. Work pays off. However if women get a divorce in this age may have to cope many difficult psychology stages, but woman as a very powerful creature overcomes and stands with her head up high again.

As you see above a woman goes through many difficult times and stages but she never says it or shows it. Be proud to be a woman, face all the difficulties outside as challenges, you are made to overcome them.

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