Saturday, December 18, 2010

Rosa Pusher and Lamogue

Nota’s Writing…
I am very pleased to announce that Lamogue will be collaborating with the brand-Rosa Pusher. After contacting the Creative Director of Rosa Pusher I must say I am very happy with this collaboration and I'm sure it will help both sides (Lamogue and Rosa Pusher).
Here are some pieces of Rosa Pusher’s Spring Summer 2011 Collection :
Starting with this black silk shirt and the pencil simple white skirt. I love the black-white combination and the whole elegance the outfit has.
Quite a grecian style and the color amazing. Thumbs Up!
One shoulder is so in this year. This dress may advance and curve your body if you have big bust making your waist looking extremely tiny.
This babydoll dress in classic black. Perfect for those ones who would like to hide some extra belly fat.
Grecian styled dress in a stunning color which may compliment the brunnetes especially!
Awwwww my personal favourite! I love the upper part of the jacket and the skirt. Very minimal, elegant and feminine.
Classic and perfect for every careerist woman out there!

Very nice for spring and for sunny days!
Simplicity is key ! And I love this one!
This would be great for pear shaped bodies!
Here is the site (MUST VISIT) .
If you want a detailed PDF of the collection contact me at
Generally, this collection was very beautiful, had a sense of vintage and all the pieces can be paired in different ways making them a MUST PURCHASE. Simple, quality clothes for every vintage feminine woman out there.

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