Thursday, February 04, 2010

Where's all the originality gone,people?

 Even though the latest Balmain collection received positive critiques by Nota I've got to disagree. Not just because I love disagreeing and I'm a debating lady (yup,yuup!) but I also thought it lacked imagination.Same things Balmain's been showing us the last two years only in more boring hues.

The shoes look bad. And the pads look like if made out of this shiny stuff you use in Carnival. 

I'm sorry,Christophe,but if you want to keep selling you gotta try something new.


Moving on,I just adored Betsey Johnson's latest collection.Lolita much?Still,I can't understand who would wear something like that? :


Pfft,it's not even haute couture! You gotta make some wearable stuff,darling. And why does the model look as if she swallowed a dead cat?

Who's next?
Ah,House of Holland.


The shoes are pretty good but the look is plain generic.What were you thinking? 

And last but...not least...


You know what?I think there's nothing peculiar about this except for greasy hair.And yes,call me fashion-backward but I think that the colour just doesn't look right...Kind of like if the model has gray roots?I'd prefer it if they died those pale blonde roots lilac too,it could at least look kind of glamorous and versatile,don't ya think?

Anyway,that's all I gotta say.Now it's your turn... 

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