Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tribute to McQueen and Spring Trends

Outfit 1.

Nerdy,grungy,ladylike and a lil' bit goth all in one.I love this one,it's my favourite one and the amazing dress is Alexander McQueen (R.I.P.)

Outfit 2.
Refreshing much?I love the 2.55,I think I need one for my B-Day coming up on the 25th of February...What colour do you think I should pick?
Outfit 3. 
Very ladylike and chic,don't ya think? The jacket is Balmain and I am absolutely bonkers for it. The shoes,bag & dress are all Alexander McQueen (I'm obsessed,ain't I?).I love the colour of the lipgloss...It's very...cherry?More playful than Marilyn Monroe red and  more wearable than pink...I absolutely love cherry lipgloss! (Or chapstick,either works)

What do you think?

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