Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fashion Passion Obsession

How my fashion passion begun?

All things started in 2008 Summer when I was alone at home watching fashion TV. The first show I had watched was Emilio Pucci.I got really excited and I started to search about fashion. And I fell in love with everything associated with fashion. 

Since then, I continue discovering older and older collections,designers and many other fashion associated things. 

But my obsession was not completed. 
It is never going to be completed. 

I started ordering old french and english Vogue issues and reading them like a drug user seeking his drugs. 

The bad thing happened in 2009 when I discovered some shops near my school. 

So for my fashion is something which makes me forget other things and see the world differently. 
When I was alone, I felt immediately completed with fashion.

And when some people call me awkward because I love fashion. I don't just love fashion. I AM OBSESSED and yes I am happy about that. 

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