Sunday, February 14, 2010

Style Lessons: How to drag attention to an expensive dress.

The Last Minute Way

...As well as the 'can't go wrong' way. Just drag an expensive bag (Chanel 2.55) and a pair of expensive,high-class shoes (Louboutins).While this look is not going to turn heads it is a good last minute solution and it shows that well,less is more...What's more,you don't look like you're trying too hard (And you're not,trust me...) which could get you some attention from a lad...or a few.

 The Money Honey Way 

Everything's expensive - from the amazing,fashion forward shoes to the Stella McCartney necklace. This is the look for all the fashionistas that - well- are eager to spend a lot on looking good.Well,they say fashion is passion and beauty is duty...Go figure out!
The Fashionista on a Budget Way 

Thank God for Accessorize...and Forever21! It's ,indeed, annoying when you spend all your money on a nice,Mary Katrantzou dress and suddenly run out of money but well,that's what cheaper stores are for,my friends! Never underestimate the power of H&M.

The My Middle Name is Gaga Way

Girl,you're fashion forward and you know it! You've got no problem wearing punky combat boots (with a wicked price,unfortunately) with a ladylike,straight-off-the-runway dress and a Balmain jacket...You're daring.Fashionably uneducated people might think the way you're dressing is quite demented but actually they're the demented ones so,why care?So carry this Alexander McQueen clutch and get outta your house...

Fashion Conclusion 

Wearing an expensive dress is all about being able to carry it off and look confident!You might go minimalistic or maximalistic but that's not what matters - feeling comfortable is!Try to embrace the expensive dress though and if it's way too colourful like the one we chose try to not wear colourful accessories too...The result will not look too good.

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