Thursday, February 18, 2010

Oscar De La Renta Collection Fall 2010 New York Fashion Week

One of my favourite designers presented his Fall 2010 Collection in New York Fashion Week....
Who is it?

His collection was the 8th wonder of the words. I loved it!
The opening look by Freja Becha Erichsen was very feminine and nice. I liked the hairstyle!; 

The next girl Iris Strubegger in the toned of dark green let other jaws drop as well. 

 I am already in love with this coat. It is so lovunit!

 A beige-browny outfit whcih was one of the best!

  The new Fashion Combination. Purple with Red and green. 

 White goes  well with brown, white goes well with red. White goes perfectly with red and brown!

00070m.jpg (320×480) I love the shoes!

00080m.jpg (320×480) What else can I say?

 So funky and vibrant and madamelicious!

00130m.jpg (320×480) Whoaj! So vibrant!

00140m.jpg (320×480) 

00150m.jpg (320×480) Purple is my favourite color.  You need me to say more?

00160m.jpg (320×480)

00170m.jpg (320×480)

00180m.jpg (320×480)

00190m.jpg (320×480)

00200m.jpg (320×480)

00210m.jpg (320×480)

00220m.jpg (320×480)
00230m.jpg (320×480)

00240m.jpg (320×480)

00250m.jpg (320×480)

00260m.jpg (320×480) The girl who opened the show again !

00270m.jpg (320×480)

00280m.jpg (320×480) Carrie would fall for it!

00290m.jpg (320×480)

00300m.jpg (320×480)

00310m.jpg (320×480)

00320m.jpg (320×480)

00330m.jpg (320×480) How can a word such elegance be described with only one piece of cloth?

00340m.jpg (320×480)
00350m.jpg (320×480)
00360m.jpg (320×480)
00370m.jpg (320×480)
00380m.jpg (320×480)
00390m.jpg (320×480)
00400m.jpg (320×480)
00410m.jpg (320×480)
00420m.jpg (320×480)
00430m.jpg (320×480)
00440m.jpg (320×480)
00450m.jpg (320×480)
00460m.jpg (320×480)
00470m.jpg (320×480)
00480m.jpg (320×480)
00490m.jpg (320×480)
00500m.jpg (320×480)

00510m.jpg (320×480)
00520m.jpg (320×480) MY FAVOURITE LOOK!
00530m.jpg (320×480)  Freja opened and closed the runway!



I personally fell in love with the collection! It was just perfect|! One of the best in New York Fashion Week!

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