Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New York Fashion Week: Carolina Herrera

Being the completely cynical person I am I expected more from Herrera and I think the theme was rather unoriginal. I liked a few dresses but I think she failed to give the Parisian-esque dresses a modern vibe which is very important if she wants to sell to the younger audiences as well and not just old heiresses with seven cats. Nevertheless, I can't say the quality was bad it was just that I'd expect some better thinking from her next time.

Opening Look

Karen Elson
She could definitely lose the fur in order to appeal to younger girls as well.Oh,and that hat...

Favourite Looks

  Natasha Poly
 Not bad.I quite like the grungy patten.Kurt Cobain a la more ladylike edition.

Least Favourite Looks

  Lakshmi Menon
 Gives me headaches.Because,to be quite frank, I don't know what to look at. The model's pissed off face, the awful Joan of Arc whole thing or the ahm...kitten heels?You know,Joan of Arc lived centuries ago so it's quite crucial to know that what was in fashion back then isn't in fashion right now.

Closing Look 

 Karlie Kloss
Isn't it a bit...too plain?No scientific explanations in this case.  

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