Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Marc Jacobs Fall 2010 Collection New York Fashion Week

Marc Jacobs' Fall Collection was presented as well. Marc played with the pastel,grey and blue colors mostly and created very simple and elegant clothes. He was connecting the past with the future creating a very strange feeling.

Let's see one by one the clothes.

Tati Cotliar opened the show for Marc Jacobs. She was wearing a grey blouse with a grey skirt. The skirt was long-knee. I think it's too plain.


The show continued with Joan Smalls. I found this outfit way better than the first one.  A grey blazer with a blue-grey dress were nice together but they were not THAT impressing. 

In pastel-earth colors. Very good. it reminds me of Karl Lagerfield's chanel.

I liked that look a lot. It was very nice. 

I liked this one as well. It was looking like the previous outfits though. 

I liked this dress. It is very cute. 

This beige outfit looks very cute as well. The silver purse is very nice.

This dress which Christina Carey wore was quite detailed. I liked the shoes as well. 

What a nightgown! I don't like it. Seriously. 

This grey outfit was very feminine. I liked it. 

My favourite dress of the show. No other comments. 

At the end Marc Jacobs.


I was expecting something completely different from Marc Jacobs but he really impressed me. It is nice that he was not trying to create something which looks new and tres avant garde. 

As he said: 

"It's refreshing to see something that isn't trying so hard to be new," 

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