Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Movies small reviews

Recently I have watched three very nice movies, read my reviews on them : 

Social Network

Last day I watched Social Network. It was very nice, I must admit. The choice of the protagonist was great. He looked a little bit like Mark Zuckerberg and the character was exactly like I expected him. No friends, very bright, drinking beers and a huge nerd. This movie puts you in a big chase of money. As I was watching it I said to myself: Why don’t I have these ideas? I can be a billionaire too! He is not more clever than me. But through the film I realised that basic principles of life did not exist for Mark. Okay he had money, but if you don’t have friends to help you in the difficult times, if you don’t have a partner to compensate you, if you don’t have a family to applaud you, why bother doing it all that? If I were to lose all of the above I did not want the money, no I don’t want them. However the brightness of Mark was impressive, the biggest motivation was though the revenge he wanted to get from his ex girlfriend.

It was nominated for Oscars. I must say, it was very strange. The acting was extremely magic. The sexual exposal though was a little bit skunk. It put into deep thoughts for days, this is what I say success for a film. If it makes you think for that for days positively or not. I think the message was that we do not need to take for granted that everything is true we hear. Even though it is our parents. Having our own opinions and basing them on real arguments must be our basic rule for life. The brainwashing we receive from different factors must be stopped and not be getting seriously by our own minds and brain. The messages we get, if we translate them, will give them a good meaning of life.

What I really liked in that movie was the scenery and the clothes. They were perfectly amazing. Eva Green as the teacher was absolutely good. There were many metaphors that if you translated them you would get important things out of them. Juno Temple’s acting though was jaw dropping, although very young, she played the character of the “bitch” perfectly. It shows the teacher’s suppression at that place, she teaches the children with lies and only lies when Marie Valverde comes with many adventures, more than the teacher’s.

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