Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ombre Hair, Macaroons, Eyeliner & Bathtub Tea Parties

I'm back for a post that screams pure randomness in it's rawest form : which translates to social critique and rambling.

1. Ombre Hair

What has numerous times has it been dubbed an old trend - now is revived. Ombre hair does not need to be a safe choice around a certain chromatic palette. In fact, a splash of colour is the most fierce edition of this manic-panic hair-technique. Hipsters,goths,fashionistas and experimental chameleons have embraced it ; the question is, will you?

Fun is where this all comes down to; choppiness/messiness and a taste for all things experimental is required.

2. Macaroons

I won't try to hide behind petty excuses; I've got a sweet tooth. I'm glad my metabolism is set to amazing standards. I used to have an obsession with cupcakes, but it seems like macaroons are where it's at, and what everybody's been raving about.

My absolute favourite are large ones from Paul's ; a french Patisserie (Bakery) that specialises in making lovely renditions of favourable french delicacies (and not only).

They're heaven unbound to my tastebuds.

3. Eyeliner

I have indeed fallen in love (unrequitedly,may I add) with awesome eyeliner shapes that enhance beautiful eyes. One girl in particularly (click for her blog) can embrace this look in the most eerie,fairy-like way.

Eyeshadow is merely a parody compared to the full power of a steady hand & a wand with liquid eyeliner on it.

4. Bathtub Tea Parties

What about tea is not to love? It ranges from full-flavoured, brisk and bright (English Breakfast, Traditional Afternoon, Irish Breakfast) to light,fluffy,barely-there-refreshing (Green tea, White musk tea, Herbal blends). Plus, with some of the most elaborate teacups out there, tea is but an acquired taste (if not love at first taste). 

Even bloody, dark teacups exist...


Now,answer in full and conscious truth: what is more vibrant, fun than a party and more relaxing than a bathtub bath, complete with pretty petals, corsets and your face flawlessly completed with make up?


Bathtub tea parties are here to stay, and are more addictive than the title implies. They have a certain loony-bin  psychiatric ward feel to them that is the antonym of passe; they're a new concept that has not been exploited.

Sing a melody that lets a dark tale unravel; one about suicide, psychiatric illness, a romance that did not defy society or read a poem ; one about unrequited love, or platonic ideals and disappointment. Explore the water - mumble to yourself the most common misconceptions about E=Mc2, and how mass is reduced as energy is, not the opposite way around. Take a deep dive, and dunk your hair in the water. Every time the thoughts seem overbearing, don't stop ; take a full sip of your favourite blend and let it re-assure you that tomorrow is a day of what you make it to be. Smile, then let the darkness devour yourself.
When you know that your emotions shone clear, free from any tears at their delicate strings, dry your striped stockings and stare at your reflection in the mirror. Creepy? Eerie? Beautiful? Every perspective counts.
Upload your fucking ass partying on youtube

 Bathtub tea parties rock. 

Be daring. The only certain thing is you won't get out of life alive ;)

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