Saturday, April 09, 2011

Must-haves for spring!


Spring is finally here, flowers are blossoming, allergies are torturing but style-wise, this is the best time of the year, for me at least. 
As with all seasons, there are those few key-pieces that you just must have in your wardrobe this spring! 
Let's see:

Nothings says spring more than the be-loved white colour. Whether it is a dress, a flowy top, or a cardigan, white is the colour for spring. If you have to choose one piece, then I say, go with the dress, the little white dress is the LBD of spring! Just remember to accessorize, without of course going over the top. Just do it the Carrie Bradshaw way! 


White is good, but you can't go white every day! Colour-blocking is something we've been hearing a lot about lately. 
This is the epitome of Colour Blocking as seen in Gucci spring 2011, one of my personal favourite collections. The moment I saw this outfit in the middle I knew this was going to be a spring full of colour! Add colour to your wardrobe by buying at least one piece like a pair of pants (as seen in outfits one and two) and you automatically have a base to build up on! 


Floral, floral, floral! Floral patterns scream spring! It can be a skirt, a dress, sunglasses or even shoes! 
Floral prints are totally what you have to have in your closet for spring! Flowers are blossoming during this time of this year, so why don't bring that into our clothing? Just remember, one piece of floral in each outfit is enough, don't go overboard wearing floral dresses with matching bag, sunglasses and shoes! 


Some days can be quite chilly so, a cardigan is absolutely a must! It can be striped, colourful, floral or white or practically any pattern, but if you ask me, the cardigan you buy should be based on your wardrobe. For example if you wear a lot of earthy tones, buy a cardi that goes with those tones! 


There's one thing that can last for years, and can save you a lot of trouble when looking for something to cover up a bit. That is, of course, the beloved-by-generations denim jacket. You can wear it with dresses, skirts and tank tops, leggings and tops and many more, denim jacket can be worn in so many different ways, you just have to have one!
As Rachel Bilson wore it in sunny LA.

These are 5 key-pieces for this season. Having those pieces can be a base for you to build up on numerous outfits. Remember that whatever you wear just be yourself, have your own style! This post is just to inspire you, not for you to copy! Get ideas, and make them yours, use them in creating your own style. 

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  1. to colorblocking k t floral einai apo ts agapimenes m taseis!
    dn uparxei tpt pio anoiksiatiko k fresh :-)



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