Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Vogue covers tribute

Vogue is a fashion magazine that has promoted a chic and sophisticated way of life for more than a century. Published in twenty-three countries, the monthly publication serves as a cornerstone of culture for its millions of devoted readers. Similar to magazines Life and Time, through time Vogue has cemented its status as an iconic magazine.
Vogue can be, for the most part, recognized as a magazine which promotes wealthy lifestyles and costly top designer products. However, there is substance to the magazine, with significant articles and commentary on books, art and film. Vogue’s target audience appears to be primarily women and those who prefer to embrace fashion and culture as a lifestyle.
Trends and Top Models
In 1892, Vogue made its debut as a weekly publication. Arthur Baldwin Turnure founded the magazine and ran it until his death in 1909, when Conde Nast took over. Nast changed the magazine to a biweekly publication and also took Vogue globally, first in Britain and than making its way to the always fashionable France. Under Nast, the magazine flourished even during the difficult Great Depression.
As you may have already seen our template consists of vogue covers and the name of our site is LAMOGUE which comes from La mode + Vogue.
Vogue plays a very important role in fashion fields and has changed many fashion things in our world. So let’s see old covers of vogue :

July 2001
Vogue - Miriam Hopkins - January, 1935
Vogue - October, 1935
Vogue - Linda Evangelista - September, 1991
Vogue - April, 1940
Vogue - Lisa Fonssagrives - August, 1940
Vogue - December, 1940
Vogue - January, 1950
Vogue - January, 1957
Vogue - Jane Holzer - November, 1964
Vogue - September, 1965
Vogue - Twiggy - December, 1974
Vogue - Gisele Bundchen - June, 2002
Vogue - Amber Valletta - July, 1998
Vogue - Gisele Bundchen - August, 1998
Vogue - Kate Moss - November, 1998
Vogue - December, 1999

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