Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tea party : What to wear ?

Are you invited to a tea party and you don’t know what to wear to be appropriately dressed and following the dress code? Here are some outfits I created for you. Focus on soft light colours, lace and soft floral, wear vintage dresses or ruffled blouses. It depends on your taste of style. Just don’t wear something too short or too revealing.
Long gloves, pearl necklaces, feminine dresses, flowery things, bows, ruffles and basically anything 1700’s enough.
Background Information
The term tea party derives from the movement that Americans had done to protest against English people who had very high taxes, so they gathered in the port and destroyed all the English boats which were carrying English tea.
Though when we hear tea party, we refer mainly to an English custom in 1800s. At that time the people where taking only two meals, a big breakfast and a dinner , so in the middle of the day they were hungry. Upper class hostesses decided to prepare snacks, high tea and invite their friends. During the Industrial Revolution middle class families were organizing tea parties as well.
Tea party is for you to enjoy the company of your friends, talk, gossip, celebrate your new hair colour , in the afternoon just before Dinner time. Nowadays, in my country, at least, at that time, people meet their friends at the local cafeterias and chat about the news of the day. Why not exchange to organising tea parties?
χωρίς τίτλο
This lace dress is quite feminine, the shoes are very pretty and the bag comes to add a very feminine pink to the outfit.
If you are going to a tea party immediately after work I suggest you to wear this outfit.
The bow is very well suited with the whole party theme.
Ruffles and a touch of colour by the shoes and the bag.
The earrings are amazing! The shirt bears resemblance of 1700s.

Another lace dress with pearl necklace.
Remember :
  • You are influenced by what I said before but don’t really copy those things, just adjust them to your style.
  • Do not wear anything TOO short or TOO long.
  • Black and red as colours are banned.

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