Sunday, March 06, 2011

2011 Hair Trends - How To



The double hair knot 

Like the topsy tail hairstyle of years gone by, the double hair knot sits roughly at the nape of the neck or a little higher. The style also works as a single knot - but by knotting the hair twice the effect is more interesting, and easier to secure.

How to achieve this look: 
To capture the summer interpretation of the double hair knot:
  1. 1. Spray a sea-salt spray all over your hair
    2. Scrunch the hair into bunches while drying to add waves and texture
    3. Pull a thick section of hair out at the front, sweeping it into a deep side part
    4. Take back two sections of hair and tie into a knot - then again into a double knot

The bird's nest bun 

chanel headband hair style
as seen on Chanel's pre-Fall 2011

How to achieve this look: 

    1. Apply a mousse like ghd maximise mousse at the ends of your hair
    2. Use a blow-drier to dry the mousse into the hair
    3. Pull your hair up in a high ponytail
    4. Divide the ponytail into sections and tease each of them to create volume and texture
    5. Brush the ponytail out a bit, to even out the texture and then wrap the hair around the ponytail into a messy topknot
    6. Use bobby-pins to secure in place 
    7. Spray the hair with hairspray

Waved bob 

caitlin stasey afi

For shorter hair this is an ideal hairstyle.

How to achieve the waved bob:

     1. Apply a mousse all over your hair 
     2. Use your favourite curler to create some loose curls
     3. Spray some sea-salt spray all over your hair to get the 'beachy waves' 



Fringe (bangs) make another return this year! This trend can be worn with both short, medium and long hair! 

Here is how:

Abbey Lee Kershaw bangsMedium length hair: The bob.

Carey Mulligan crop with bangsShort hair: Pixie crop

Julia Stegner long hair and bangsIt goes without saying, bangs are perfect for long hair!


There is no specific trend for 2011 hair colours. Only one basic rule: change it! Be daring! Go from blond to redhead, from brunette to blond! Just change it! 

This is all there is about hair this year! Whatever you do, make sure it suits YOU!! 

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