Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Two is better than one...& Mary Katrantzou

I'd have to agree,I fear.

I'm an avid fashion enthusiast.I love fashion - fashion is in the air! I am the biggest Teen Vogue collector around.I love bold,I love standing out,I love,love,love...Oops,I think I'm missing the point.So anyway,skip all the 'love' rambling...I'm rarely impressed.I take things for granted - bad thing,I know.So when I'm impressed you can be absolutely sure that what I'm talking about is a unique talent.

Ladies,and gentlemen...No,that doesn't sound right.

Fashionistas and Fashionistos I currently heart...
*drum rolls*

Mary Katrantzou!

Fellow Greek lady.

Her first collection has become an absolute must.


The opening look of her first show modeled by Jourdan Dunn


My personal favorite of her first collection - S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G 


Amazingly Creative Mastermind 


Fantastic Prints... What can I say?

Conclusion: (Not in Chemistry) Amazing collection..Even though I would not go for the slouchy boots (not presented above,need to check the show,don't be lazy...) the rest is absolutely...I'm lost for words.She's a true mastermind when it comes to prints.She can make bold look elegant which is a special trait,as far as I'm concerned.


Opening Look


What's not to love?


Personal Favorite 


Have a look at the model's soles (previous look)
Wow much? 


I love how much saturation there is...Refreshing! 

Overall impression: My favorite collection of hers,so far. Amazing,amazing,amazing,amazing x a zillion. Which makes four zillion,my friends. I love how she went for different shoes in each look,I gotta say mr.Louboutin might get a moment of envy while looking at these babes...Bravo,Mary!

It's one of my fashion aspirations to watch one of her shows and  achieve as much as she has when I grow up... 

UPDATE: Found some of her Fall 2008 collection (old)

Considering the fact that geisha-looking lips are an absolute must and that I'd die in order to get a dress like that I can officially say that Mary Katrantzou is someone to keep an eye on.And her shows...And maybe,one day,fly to London Fashion Week to see them alive.Or even buy... *knocks head on wall*

Too much for being a daydreamer. 

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