Thursday, February 11, 2010

Outfits I made... [RIP Alexander]

Hello, I am so deeply sad that I try to get busy with everything.

So I created these outfits to see them, just for you dear readers!

This is a very colourful outfit, for the girls who love color. The neutral belt and shoes keep the balance when the edgy yellow pant and the red bag make this outfit stand out. 

 This is such a rocky outfit for the girls who like to be edgy and fierce. 
You can't keep the looks away of you with this outfit. 

This is a casual outfit which is very modern but usual. These studded allstars will make you curse if rain is about to come. And this dress with the big heart is very romantic. 

This is a very preppy outfit and it is also very brownish. For the girls who are sweet like caramel. 

This is a very teenish and crazy outfit. I would go for it though. It is for the girls who are not afraid to tell their opinion and neither care about others'

I would go for it. Some girls would as well, the most of you wouldn't.
That's the difference between fashionistas and normal people. 

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