Monday, April 25, 2011

PS22 Chorus

Yesterday I was searching Adelle's song "Rolling in the Deep" (super amazing) and I fell into this cover by a 5th grader.

I got goosebumps all over my spine! I wish my music class was like that. The children enjoyed the song and were so happy. I almost cried!

Then I searched on Google about PS22 Chorus and I found their blog on
From wikipedia I found that this teacher has created this choir in a Staten Island PUBLIC school (which changes every year ) and has broadcast all their songs through internet. They have gained publicity and have also sung with Kylie Minogue!

They have been featured in New York Times and count more than 31.000.000 views in their youtube channel since March 2010. They have appeared on Oprah and many Radio Programs.

It is moving to watch children from all the ethnicities, to sing their hearts out, to be happy. I wish I had a lesson once a week like that. Here to mention that this school is not for future musicians but is a simple usual public school! This teacher must be the best educator in the world. These children will have great memories from those school years!

Moving and inspirational videos! 

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