Monday, April 25, 2011

Nota’s News

The last days I had no school so I took advantage of that and I went on many walks and shopping!

2011-04-14 15.01.32
The two last days of school I went to Starbucks with my friend. I drank my all time favourite chocolate !
On Easter, in the morning the shops were open so I grabbed the chance, took my purse and went hunting ! These platforms stole my heart right away! Contact if you want to know from where they are.
2011-04-23 14.11.46 2011-04-23 14.11.57
Then I bought this striped blouse with this little knee length athletic trousers. The lightning was not the best, actually the stripes are differently colored than the trouser! I am wearing it with my puma flatforms. (Flatforms are so in fashion)
Next I bought this striped (I love stripes) dress. In this case I have paired it with my jean jacket and jean wedges. The bag is from KEM and is a very warm purple.  (Contact me to learn the brands)
dressjean01 dressjean02
Then I paired the dress in a different way. Leather jackets and the wedges I bought mentioned before. They have the sand color and I love them (Haven’t I said that before?) The bag is brown!
I had never bought fake nails, so I said that I should give it a try! The pack contained 24 nails designed in french nail design with a flower and a strass.
 2011-04-23 14.50.17 2011-04-23 14.50.32  
Doesn’t it look real? The glue had not dried completely at that phase I took the photo.
2011-04-23 15.15.32
Left hand Finished!
2011-04-23 15.15.43
They were very strong and comfortable!
2011-04-23 15.15.50
Apply the glue which was included in the package!
 2011-04-23 15.16.34
Right hand finished!
 2011-04-23 15.37.57
 2011-04-23 15.38.23 2011-04-23 15.38.35 2011-04-23 15.38.49
I plan on buying more fake nails. I removed them with nail polish and did not destroy my natural nails! These ones happened to be a little bit longer than I expected, but next time I am planning to buy some other ones which can be polished and trimmed!

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