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About and Contact
LaMogue is a blog created by Nota (me haha). I created it in order to express myself through fashion, let people know about the latest collections and inform them. In order to learn and stay updated with the latest collections and news. I give you ideas about how you can combine clothes and create amazing outfits.

The blog has changed names three times and header 2-3 times.

I update the music often so a nice melody or song travels you while you read the latest posts.

I started it with the url fashionstalker96 but I decided to change it because it was not high at the google results. I made it fashionstalking but it sounded banal and just usual. But that morning LaMogue sprung to my mind! It is a short, easy-to-remember and so so fashionising!

Let's see the first header (I had created alone)

I know it is too much. I did not like it that much and I told Fay, my dear friend, to create one for me.

We kept this one for a long time. (I just loved it).

And this is the new one I created. I hope it brings luck!
But I am never satisfied and I created another on with Audrey. (iloveher)

But as it seems I am never enough satisfied so here is the latest header.

Now the header is changed again into a transparent vogue old covers... Love it?

Fay used to write (writes occasionally) but recently Christine joined the team. All in all the blog has great potential!

Here are the first outfits I created on Polyvore for the blog:

But now I have definitely improved (wanna hope so)

A classy night out by Notag featuring Prada bags

Clubbin' Outfit! by Notag featuring Yves Saint Laurent shoes

Comfortable everyday outfit! by Notag featuring Donna Karan shoes

A vintage outfit by Notag featuring Roberto Cavalli jewelry

An England outfit by Notag featuring Jimmy Choo shoes

Now I have uploaded photos of myself

Showing real life outfits.

Now we have great music added to our playlist.



As you see lots of improvement has been made. Hope you appreciate it!

Love, Nota

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