Tuesday, March 22, 2011

AXDW Report

Yes, I made it! I visited AXDW. Being only 14 years old and attending two shows in two days in the front rows is just an accomplishment!!
Let’s see now the photos I have taken :  

2011-03-20 15.24.24
The huge poster outside of the building!
2011-03-20 15.24.08
2011-03-20 15.28.17 2011-03-20 16.03.37 2011-03-20 16.03.42
Our invitations and my funky nail !
There was an exhibition with famous fashion quotes!
2011-03-21 19.00.43
Me, what a poser!
2011-03-21 19.01.02
2011-03-21 19.01.15
2011-03-21 19.01.20
2011-03-21 19.01.42
Me, writing!
2011-03-21 19.02.04
Christine writes!
A vintage clothes shop!
2011-03-21 19.07.24 2011-03-21 19.04.58 2011-03-21 19.07.24
On 20th of March
2011-03-20 15.46.50
1st day outfit, rocking the t-shirt writing Lamogue.com
2011-03-20 17.41.23 2011-03-20 17.41.25
Look at the invited people, by the way I was Fron t Row !
2011-03-20 17.34.51
Front Row! (thank you Vasia, thank you Michalis)
2011-03-20 18.08.44
The dress which closed the show !
2011-03-20 18.08.48
2011-03-20 18.19.18
Me and the F-A-N-T-A-B-U-L-O-U-S designer Vasia Kont !


For a detailed report of Vasia's show click here. 

On 21st of March at Celebrity Skin Fashion Show
2011-03-21 18.59.56
Wearing Leather dress !
2011-03-21 19.59.01
How close to the runway?
2011-03-21 20.01.52
Few minutes before the show started !
2011-03-21 20.42.44
Anda Livitsanou and Isaias Matiampa ! Stars who walked on Celebrity Skin’s runway
2011-03-21 20.45.49
VEGAS with Celebrity Skin
2011-03-21 20.50.11
Anda Livitsanou talking to WFC
2011-03-21 20.49.330
In the end with Dimitris Strepkos !
How amazing these two days were!
She is a new designer, and a friend of mine! I so much believe in her, what she does, she does it with love and that’s the main reason for her that she will succeed!
Vasia Kont was born in Athens and raised in Piraeus in 1989. Vasia's love for fashion began at a very early age and then it became a life dream. Her passion and creativity for clothing led her to study Costume & Fashion Design and Styling.
In the age of 19, she had her first appearance at Athens Fashion Week. She is currently working as a designer and a freelance stylist. She gets inspired from the uncommon beauty. She always find the beauty in something that other people believes is uninspired and undifferentiated. Her style is avant-garde with a bit of romance and represents her point of view. Her lines are feminine and feature the body. She wants women to feel unique and beautiful in her clothes.
Her motto is 'Feel different for being different'. Her new collection for fall 2012, is inspired from women who are strong, independent, different and most of all from women with plenty of femininity.
So step into her world and feel the difference....

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