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Emmy Awards 2010 Red Carpet Report

Hello everyone,
Hope you are fine! I am really well this period and I feel like posting. I must admit I did this post with so much love. Hope you like it. It is the report from the Emmy Awards.
Here is the video spot about this Report:

Let’s start.

Hugh Dancy, in Burberry, and Claire Danes, in Armani Privé with Martin Katz jewelry.
Nota: I love the look Claire chose it gives the illusion of a see-through dress making it an enigma. Thumbs up!
Christine: Nota totally covered me.
Eddie Falco in Bottega Veneta.
Nota: I like the grecian styled dress and the one shoulder cut. What I think is not flattering on her is the makeup. It makes her eyes look smaller and the haircut does the things worse.
Christine: I love the dress's grecian style, I think it really makes her arms look good. I would've preferred the clutch in a different colour, standing out a bit more.

Kyra Sedgwick, in Monique Lhuillier, with a VBH clutch.
Nota: Nice red dress. Strapless is so on! I love the hair waves! A softer makeup would balance the outfit. The red lipstic does not look nice on light complexions and on blondes. But still, it is a good choice.
Christine: Great dress, really flatters Kyra. I love the choice of clutch in this colour. The only thing I'd really change in this look is the makeup, maybe choose a lighter lipstick would look better.
Jane Lynch, in Ali Rahimi, with a Swarovski clutch.
Nota: Another one shoulder cut. Love the color. It is such an autumn color!
Christine: Simply beautiful. Great look, love the colour and cut.

Jennifer Westfeldt with Jon Hamm, in Giorgio Armani with Tod's shoes.
Nota: The dress does not flatter Jennifer’s body. It makes her cleavage look so small and it destroys her waist. The color is so not for this season so not a good choice, definately!
Christine: Really unflattering cut. Also this colour is definitely not the best choice for Autumn.

January Jones, in Atelier Versace, with Miu Miu shoes and Cartier jewels.
Nota: It hurts my eyes! The color is not for fall! It flatters her complexion though but still not a good choice.
Christine: The shame is definitely flattering, but the colour is just not for this season!
Tina Fey, in Oscar de la Renta, with a VBH clutch and Lorraine Schwartz jewels.
Nota: Greek, Tina Fey chose a very nice dress complimenting and “hugging” her curves. I like the hairstyle and the patterns. It is obviously a great choice!
Christine: Great ODLR dress. It really complements her complexion. Great choice of accessories and hairstyle. Overall great job Tina.

Glenn Close, in Rubin Singer, with a Leiber clutch and Fred Leighton jewels.
Nota: A very nice choice, it is not something too different but it is a safe outfit. Better safe than sorry!
Christine: Completely agree with Nota.
Christina Hendricks, in Zac Posen, with a Leiber clutch.
Nota: I am so in love with this one! The color is the perfect choice for any redhead and it is a must this fall. The shape of the dress defines her small wiast and the makeup tones down the whole look. Christina stole the attention with her choice!
Christine: Great choice if you want to be the one who turns everyone's heads. The colour complements her hair colour better than any other colour would and the dress beautifully 'hugs' her curves.
Anna Paquin, in Alexander McQueen with House of Lavande jewels, and Stephen Moyer.
Nota: I like the McQueen dress but it would look better on a woman with bigger bust.
Christine: The McQueen dress is amazing, of course and I disagree with Nota, it looks good especially because she doesn't have a big bust, if she did, it would look like too much is going on. Nice shoes.

Toni Collette, in Valentino, with a Leiber clutch and Bochic jewelry.
Nota: How much do I love this dress? Awesome !
Christine: Beautiful, princess-like, fairytale dress. Definitely one of my favourites.

Julianna Margulies, in L'Wren Scott.
Nota:If I had seen this dress on Julianna on December I would like it more. Now it is too dark for the season!
Christine; Don't really feeling this dress. Especially the colour, it's too dark for this season!

Mariska Hargitay, in Vera Wang, with Fred Leighton jewels.
Nota: For God’s Shake! She is not JLo right? I don’t like the way it alters her body, it looks so fake to me!
Christine; It's a preety dress, but definitely not for this body shape, unless you're J.Lo.

Sofia Vergara, in Carolina Herrera.
Nota: I love the color and the whole outfit. A good choice !
Christine: Beautiful dress. Nice colour, great for this season.

Matthew Fox, in Calvin Klein Collection, with Margherita Ronchi.
Nota: I don’t like it. Just so usual…
Christine: Too ordinary.

Elisabeth Moss, in Donna Karan, with Chopard jewels.
Nota: I love both the dress and the jewels! A good choice for her body. The one shoulder cut, as you may have already noticed, has been worn a lot!
Christine: The one shoulder cut again! Beautiful dress, really pretty jewellery, overall an amazing look! Good job Elizabeth!

Kelly Osbourne, in Tony Ward.
Nota: I have to say that Kelly is STUNNING in this outfit. I love the hair, the face, the dress. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G! Ideal for her!
Christine: Kelly is definitely much, much classier than before. Truly a stunning woman.

Rose Byrne, in Gucci with Bochic jewelry.
Nota: Reminds me of Grecian Style. A good choice. I don’t like the jewels though.
Christine: Loving the Grecian style. Beautiful dress, could've chosen better jewellery.
Lea Michele, in Oscar de la Renta, with Lorraine Schwartz jewels.
Nota: Reminds me of the one Charlotte has worn on Stanford’s wedding on Sex & the City 2 ! I don’t like the necklace. Otherwise it is quite nice!
Christine: Nota's covered my points.
Jimmy Fallon, in Tom Ford, with Nancy Juvonen, in MaxMara with Neil Lane jewels.
Nota: What was she thinking? That’s the only thing I can say!
Christine: Hate the dress. Looks like a shapeless piece of fabric.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, in Narciso Rodriguez, with Irene Neuwirth jewels.
Nota: Very classy !
Christine; Super classy, with a small touch of colour on the earrings. Good choice.

Emily Deschanel, in Max Azria Atelier, with Neil Lane jewels.
Nota: Love the fringes, hate the clutch!
Christine: Not loving the dress, hating the clutch.

Jenna Fischer, in Valentino, with a Raven Kauffman Couture clutch.
Nota: The figure of the dress makes her body look long and slim but I don’t really like the colour!
Christine: The shape makes her look taller and slimmer but the colour is more of a summer colour.

Lauren Graham, in Yigal Azrouël.
Nota: In love with the cuts and the colors. I don’t like the bracelet.
Christine: Interesting cuts and nice combination of colours. I'm not so sure about the shoes and bracelet.
Al Pacino, in Dolce & Gabbana, with Lucila Sola.
Nota: Usual choice for Lucila.
Christine: Lucila is beautiful as always, but I'd like to see her trying something different.

Betty White.
Nota: Ouch!
Christine: Painful to see.
Heidi Klum, in Marchesa, with Christian Louboutin shoes and Lorraine Schwartz jewels.
Nota: She is a mummy of four. So, what? I love love love everything. Long slim legs, nice bust, cute face. She is so beautiful!
Christine: Nota's basically covered me, I just wanna disagree in a small part. I don't love everything, I don't really like the necklace.
Julie Bowen, in J. Mendel, with Neil Lane jewels.
Nota: The higher cuts steal the attention but her tummy looks swollen. Like the hair !
Christine: Makes her look fuller than she actually is. Not really a wise choice.

Emily Blunt, in Dior.
Nota: Very nice,cute,romantic choice for Emily!
Christine: Lovely! Great choice, and very nice colour for this season.

Susan Sarandon, in Donna Karan, with Ippolita and Anita Ko jewels; and Eva Amurri, in Thierry Mugler, with Cartier jewels.
Nota: Love the contrast between the two of them!
Christine; Between the two of them, I definitely prefer Eua's total look.
Padma Lakshmi, in Carolina Herrera, with a VBH clutch and the Padma Collection jewelry.
Nota: The necklace destroys everything.
Christine: The shoes & necklace, completely ruin everything.

Kirsten Wig.
Nota: A modest dress reminds me of Moulin Rouge. Not something which would catch my eye from far away.
Christine: Pretty dress but not really that special.

Jane Krakowski, in Escada, with a Salvatore Ferragamo clutch and Lorraine Schwartz jewels.
Nota: Another black long dress with a shoulder cut.
Christine: What a surprise, another one-shoulder cut. Pretty dress.

Keri Russell, in vintage Jean-Louis Scherrer Haute Couture, with Jimmy Choo shoes, a Leiber clutch, and Cathy Waterman jewels.
Nota: This is almost a crime. Wearing this long neon Pinky grecian dress at fall! CRIME!
Christine: Completely, FULLY agree with Nota.

Tom Hanks with Rita Wilson, in Prada.
Nota: I can’t hate Rita’s shoes more !
Christine: Hate the whole outfit.

Paula Abdul, in Dolce & Gabbana with Swarovski jewellery.
Nota: I love the sequins and the bow. Cute!
Christine: If I'd seen it in the winter, I would have loved it.

Cheryl Hines, in Zac Posen, with a Swarovski clutch.
Nota: Another one shoulder cut dress, in nudish color. But we have to admit it, it looks beautifully great on her!
Christine: One word, beautiful.
Eva Longoria Parker, in Robert Rodriguez, with Loren jewels.
Nota: I love the roses ruffles and the belt. The earrings rock,too!
Christine: Eva Longoria, beautiful and petite as always.
Dianna Agron, in Carolina Herrera, with Cartier jewels.
Nota: It is a little bit too-muchy!
Christine; LOVE it, definitely stand out!

Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C. Hall.
Nota: I love it ! It gives her a great figure.
Christine: I love it. Complements her -already- great figure.
Archie Panjabi, in Tadashi Shoji, with Chopard jewels.
Nota: I don’t like the color, it looks out of fashion.
Christine: Dislike everything about it.

Joan Allen, in Michael Kors.
Nota: Normal, usual, black dress , shoulder cut dress!
Christina: Too simple.

Sarah Hyland, in Pamella Roland, with a Swarovski clutch and Chopard jewels.
Nota: I don’t like the color but I like the way it hugs her curvy body!
Christine: Hate the colour, love the shape.
Jayma Mays, in Burberry, with a Salvatore Ferragamo clutch and Neil Lane jewels.
Nota: Love the ending and the color!
Christine: Love it, simple, but chic.

Amy Poehler, in Max Azria with Stephen Russell jewels, and Will Arnett, in Calvin Klein Collection.
Nota: I like the bust and the way the dress falls down.
Christine: Love the way it 'waterfalls' over her body. Makes her cleavage look good.

Nina Dobrev, in Zuhair Murad, with Brian Atwood shoes and Chopard jewels.
Nota: One of the best choices, the colors, the layers, the lace everything rocks the red carpet!
Christine: Beautiful, probably my favourite. Everything about it is simply amazing.

There were countless one-shoulder-cut dresses and strapless dresses. The colors that were worn enough were: Nude, Black and Blue. There were not many red or white choices. The fringes and the grecian styles rocked the carpet. There were many classic outfits, not extravagant (well Lady Gaga was not there). The ladies opted for classy chic dresses.
Best Dressed

I want to thank for the images.

Thanks for reading.
Stay tuned, and learn everything that's going on in the fashion world.

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