Saturday, September 25, 2010

D&G Spring 2011 : Get a grip of your granny's garden

 Quite a good use of alliteration to grab your attention,right? Well,that was the case in D&G. If alliteration took the form of the flower the whole collection would be an eternal sequence of such. So,just because I know long intros bore the average person I'm going to get into this,get into this as QUICK!ly as possible :

It takes a good start...
Contrast and comparison is all the hype in D&G,or
at least that's what the first piece seems to imply.
Military meets flower-lady who (un)fortunately
meets revived hippie? Looks good. 

The Bold
 A very bold move, that was, to include two pieces of
this semi-sweet floral alliteration. Slouchy bags? Polished hair?
Striped shoes? (Especially love those) Bold is on the rise and
I, for once, am glad D&G have decided to follow the motto "why have less,
when you can have more?".

The Good 
  I love wellington boots and long,careless dresses.
I like to save thinking for my next chess game or interhouse
math competition. Fashion? I'm glad careless is on the rise.

The Bad 
Country-girl-likes-to-pick-up-flowers yet for
another seasons looks very generic. Original trouser-cut,
unoriginal theme.  

The Cherry on Top of the Cake

 Looks unmistakably sweet. In a "would you like a 
flower, miss?" way. Anyway, it takes floral frenzy to 
a whole new level, taking cues from British victorian 
antique wallpaper. 

The one I wouldn't hesitate to wear
I think Zara will be copying these,soon. Remind me
to grab my own copy and give them a twist of Dr.Marten's
because I like some things rough.(tough)

 If I stepped in Lady Gaga's McQueen shoes for a day
and dared to go pantless I'd definitely pick this genius
of a suit. Or, for my faint of heart, I'd just grab the jacket
and go.

 There's only one word to describe this:
speechless. Won't be saying anything more. 

 Picture me on a cliff, thinking measure for measure
whether I'd prefer to jump or not to jump, pick up the blade
or light my life away again...Wearing this breathtakingly
sexy dress. 

The guys to thank...

Another exquisite collection. Youthful,playful, capturing the essence of experimenting yet looking sweet and sexy. Provocative and balanced out, this was perfect. Just perfect for its target. 

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