Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Bold Lips for All the Bold Girls out there!


Autumn is here and and you have to stop using your coral, bright, orangy lipglosses and start using the Nudes or (the new trend) the dark colors. Classy red, burgundy colors, brown , mocha shades will rock your makeup bags this Autumn. They are really “dangerous” colors because you can easily do mistakes and overdo it.

This is your guide:

What shades should I choose?

If you have fair skin, then don’t go for berry shades. True red will work for you.

If your skin is medium dark then you have endless options. True red will work, berry shades will do too, but the Brown and mocha shades will do their wonders. Go for it girl!

If your skin is darker then go burgundy or berry lipcolors. The darker red will make your color stand out. The lighter shades will wash off your chocolate skin while the darkers will “uncolor” your whole face.


How will I wear it?


  1. Apply lip primer, (optional but it makes difference trust me!).
  2. If you wear true red or brown shades then outlining your lips will be a good idea. With the berry,burgundy shades it won’t look that good unless you are going for something too-dramatic. Choose a lip pencil and carefully outline your lips, follow you natural lip line, you don’t want to extend your lipsticks, it will look so theatrical. If you want you can apply a dust of powder and a little concealer before. Then fill in your lips with the lipliner.
  3. Take now the lipstick and apply it on your lips. If you want a more precise application then use your lip brush.
  4. [Tip] If you want it to last longer then blot your lips with a tissue and apply over a tissue a little powder. Apply the lipcolor again.
  5. Now you can apply a gloss to make them look more shiny. If you have chosen a matte formula, then avoid liploss.
  6. [Tip] Applying a little white matte eyeshadow in the centre of your lips and the inside will make them look super full, giving that pouty result.
  7. If you want to accentuate your lips shape , you can take a thin concealer brush and your concealer and apply it around your lips creating hard edges. Finish with transluscent powder.


  1. Start by applying lip balm. You can find tinted ones. I am in love with this one by Korres in plum. Amazing! Highly pigmented and hydrates your lips amazingly. 
  2. Now you can apply your plum lipstic.
  3. Finish with some dark lipgloss for extra shine.

What will I do with the rest of my makeup ?

When you want to red bold and dark lips you must tone down the rest of the look. Apply a white shimmering eyeshadow to your eyes. Tightline your eyes with a soft brown. Apply generous amounts of mascara, a natural blush and you are ready. (This is the safe option)

If you want something more adventurous or dramatic, with a liquid eyeliner, line your eyes staying closer to the lash line possible and create a subtle small cute wing.

What if these colors don’t look nice on me? What do you suggest me?


If they don’t look nice on you then don’t worry! Going for something brownish is a great choice! Goldish warm browns will compliment your face.

A sensational dark mocha lipstick that looks stunning on brunettes.As the packaging says, that's a sexy gold lipstick! It's a twist on mocha that's perfect for blondes and those with smaller lips. 

How will you wear it ?

  1. Apply lip primer. 
  2. Apply a little bit of your foundation to your lips creating a warm undertone.
  3. Take your lipstic and with the help of a lip brush (for more control) apply it on your lips.
  4. Finish with a gloss.

As far as the rest of the makeup is concerned, you can opt for brown smokeys and bronzed cheeks. Tightlining and waterlining with warm colors your eyes will complement your whole face!

Another color that will be so on is the bright pink-fuschia.

A bright, super-feminine pink lipstick. You go, girl!

How will wear it?

  1. Apply lipbalm or lip primer.
  2. Take a pink lipliner and line your lips in the outside only.
  3. Take a pink lipliner in lighter shade and fill in your lips in the centre only.
  4. Blend with a lipliner.
  5. Apply the lipcolor.
  6. Apply a shimmering white eyeshadow in the centre and in the inside to create this 3D effect.
  7. Finish with a lipgloss.
  8. Another dust of the white eyeshadow.

For the rest of the makeup apply rosy blush, and do cute soft smokey eyes.

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