Thursday, July 22, 2010

Glastonbury Festival Style

Glastonbury Festival is over and it's time to go through the good and bad looks we came across.
Angelica Mandy
Simple pair of rolled denim shorts, a classic biker-style leather jacket over a white T-shirt, a pair of dark sunglasses and there you have it. The perfect look for a music festival.
Holly Williams
High-wasted shorts are one of the best choices, when you want to look feminine. The top is not really flattering Holly, but her shoes are definitely one of a kind.
Leah Hibbert
The hair, hat & glasses are definitely stylish but I'm not feeling these shorts and this top.
Anna Hesketh
Plain white top, paired with really short shorts (to show off those legs), Doc Martins military-like boots, a colorful bag and a pair of Ray-Bans and you're ready to go. Good job Anna!
Gemma Cairney
Cute, summery, light-printed dress, a vintage bag and a pair of big Linda Farrow sunglasses.
Angelica Hermon
Casual and sporty look. Casual pair of capri jeans, In-Style T-shirt, vintage belt, Acne bag, a pair of Sneakers and John Lennon-like sunglasses create the perfect look for a music festival when you want to look casual but still, stylish.
Sarah Plane
Feminine, romantic, layered, white dress paired with sandals, an outfit to match the romance of the countryside.
Malika Zagzolle
Simple black top, gray shorts, Zara sandals, bag, and necklace and dark Ray-ban glasses.
Ruby Byrne
Ruby shocks the calm country colours with an electric colour current. Simple black shorts, short enough for her to show off those slim (and white as milk) legs of hers. A floral beige-red top ans a simple pair of flip-flops.
Isabelle Baker
Binny Hill white dress, rugged Cat boots, M. Jacobs colourful bag and Ray-Ban sunglasses. A perfect summer look tailored to the needs of a music festival.
Jodie Simpson
Classic American look. Plain white shirt, denim shorts, Converse kicks, Gucci fanny pack, cow-boy hat and aviator shades.
Stephanie Kelsey
H&M pop-of-pink, printed dress, flip flops and Primark sunglasses.
Heather Metcalfe
Black leggings, short black skirt, leopard-printed tank top, Topshop necklace and Ray-ban shades. Nice, simple, sporty outfit, appropriate for the occasion.
Stephanie Roberts
Quirky straw hat from Glastonbury, vintage dress, flip flops and dark shades. Simple summer look great for long days like those of music festivals.
Overall: Most of the looks were appropriate for an event such as Glastonbury festival, with my favourite looks being that of Angelica Mandy and Anna Hesketh.

I want to thank for the images & information.
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