Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Savoir vivre and fashion

I was reading Savoir Vivre Book and instantly chose the appearance section. Here are some sentences and “rules” which I really like them and I think they do exist and need to be taken into consideration seriously.

1.       The appearance is the mirror of our personalities. But anyone should not wear anything. Not a jean in a reception, not a haute couture dress in the countryside for pique-nique.
2.       Having a huge closet does not make you elegant. You should know how to combine, wear and behave in your clothes. You need to have clothes of good quality and classic pieces of clothes. Starting with that you can add accessories and other pieces according to fashion.
3.       Jeans are a holy estate like television! Women, men, kids, teenagers, rich ones, poor ones wear them.    
4.       Old patterns and styles are coming as a trend again. This is named revival. That’s one of the reasons you should not throw away your clothes.
5.       Earthquakes do happen; make sure you don’t wander around your house naked!
6.       According to one schematic aesthesia, the powerful personalities are having a shower while the calmer ones prefer bathing. In both cases, what matters is the frequency.
7.       “The best costume is your body” Greek architect Ilias Barbalias has said to the magazine “Status”. And he is absolutely right! Just walk with confidence and don’t hide your body. This way you will be attractive no matter what.
8.       Finding the perfect perfume is like finding the perfect lover. You understand it immediately, it takes time and you need chemistry!
9.       There are colognes which you never forget. You remember them, associate them to a person and if you smell them again you remember a bunch of things you’ve done together.
10.    French saying has it that women dress for other women and take off their clothes for the men. But in order to take off your clothes you must have put them on first!
11.    Elegance is an equation with three unknown : Age, time and occasion.
12.    Jean Cutco said that fashion is like our pillow. After a while it gets heated when we touch it so we move but this gets hot as well so you go to the starting place.
13.    Many times a meet with a piece of clothing is just fateful. Sometimes it chooses you.
14.    One of the style’s main rules are : To wear the right outfit, the right time in the right place by the best person. In your 20s everything is allowed, but after your 50s you should just cover some extra fat or try to look more like a woman rather than a woman who is trying to look like a girl.
15.    Some women do not wear a watch with a night dress because they think that time stops during a night out, or a party.
16.    The perfect makeup is the one which is not visible and copies nature like a twin sister. You should either choose to give tension either to your eyes or to your lips!
17.    A lady should now that growing up she should adjust her style to her age.
18.    Tissues are always useful , just spray it with your perfume so it smells nice.
19.    Yves Saint Laurent has said that if a woman is really elegant you forget what she wears.
20.    You should follow Savoir Vivre rules for yourself firstly. Because if you can’t respect yourself you cannot respect others.

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