Friday, May 21, 2010

Dolce&Gabbana Show 2010 2011 Fall and Winter

Let's see the show and judge.

I will be putting a mark (1 is the worst to 10 which is the best)

I like it. 7

Absolutely love it. 9

Hmmm I don't think it is something TOO special. 6

Nightgown. 6

Have seen it before.Love the shoes. 7

Great. 8

Nice but I don't like the shoes and the model. 7

So different, but I don't like the necklace-bag thing. 7

Hate the bag, the shoes, the dress. 5

Love the dress and the shoes but I don't like the sleeves on the coat. 8


Just good 7

Absolutely Love it. 9


Not bad. 8

Love the color combination. 7

Just Art.. 10

Not bad.

I just don't like the pattern. 6

OH NO! 5

Who would wear that and wear? AND WITH THAT cardigan? 6 is enough.

Hate the fabric. 6

Awful. 5

Like the whole outfit. 8

Quite good 6

Don't like the cardigan and the shoes. 7

Hate leopard. 6

Love it but I dont think the bag matches. 7

No no no. It hurts my eyes. 5

Quite good. 6

Love it. 8

So many patterns on one outfit? 6

Hate everything on it!

LOve it. 8

Speechless. 5

Hate it.

Love it except the leopard. 8

Simple yet elegant. 8

Love it. 9

Hate it although the laces. 6

Not that bad. 7

Quite simple. 7

Out and about for 5$! 4

Love it. 8

Bees colors. 7

Hmm... 7

Not impressed. 7

Love it. 8

I would love to see it on red carpet. 8

Hate the whole thing. 5

Love the whole outfit (and the model) 8

Hate the pattern. 7

Chanelish. 7


Hate the hat. 7

In love with it. 8

Ordinary. 7

Lovable. 7

Hate everything on it. 6

As trashy as a DG could be. 6

QUite good. 6

Hate it. 6

I have started getting bored. 7

Usual. 7

Love it. 9

Love it. 6

Quite good. 6

Love it. 9

Bahhh Ew. 6

Less is more. 9

Simple. Better Safe than sorry, 8

What kind of model is she? Ewww

End of Show.

Ashley Greene was there.

Caterina Murino ( I love the way she has been dressed.)

Backstage photo. Let's see the makeup. You could just apply a little eyeliner to make the eyes look bigger in the outer V and a dark red lipstic with a slight dust of blush and you are ready.


WIth natural colors from eart and mainly fall colors (red,orange,yellow) with really weird and soft fabrics.
I expected more but it did not disappoint me at all.

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